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American Humane says US left military dogs behind in …

(2 days ago) American Humane slammed Biden for leaving the contract dogs behind in Afghanistan. American Humane has said it will oversee and pay for the shipment of the dogs home. The Taliban have a history of


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Update: U.S. Military Left Service Dogs Behind in …

(5 days ago) Update: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby denied reports that American military dogs were left behind in cages at the Kabul airport in a tweeted statement on August 31 that said "the U.S


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Fact Check: Did US Troops Leave Military Dogs Behind in …

(2 days ago) As the last of the American troops left Kabul ending the two-decade-long war on August 30, many started questioning the whereabouts of military dogs deployed in the Taliban-controlled region.


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Did US Leave Military Dogs Behind in Afghanistan?

(8 days ago) Context. The U.S. military did not leave dozens of military working dogs behind as it withdrew troops from Afghanistan. The viral pictures show rescue dogs under the care of Kabul Small Animal Rescue.


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President Biden leaves American Service Dogs in …

(1 days ago) Biden is now coming under fire for leaving contracted working Service Dogs behind in Afghanistan. The American Humane Group said the K-9’s are now at the hands of our enemy. The nonprofit is


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UPDATE on Dogs in Afghanistan: U.S. Army Responds to …

(9 days ago) UPDATE on Dogs in Afghanistan: U.S. Army Responds to PETA. The U.S. military has replied to PETA’s letter about recent reports that dogs—including working dogs, animal companions of evacuated Americans, and rescued animals—were left in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of U.S. forces. A spokesperson for the U.S. Army sent us this response:


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Did the Biden administration leave military service dogs in …

(7 days ago) You see, the wordsmiths of the Biden administration said they were not military working dogs, but the dogs were pets owned by Americans and embassy staff workers. “The U.S. did not leave dozens of military working dogs behind as it withdrew troops from Afghanistan,” liberal fact-checkers reported. “The viral pictures show rescue dogs


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Abandoned dogs get new homes after Afghanistan …

(8 days ago) Karim Sahib/AFP via Getty Images. Dozens of dogs left behind in Afghanistan amid the chaotic withdrawal last month, including some who were trained to sniff out bombs, have been given new handlers


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K-9 Hoax: TRUTH behind viral reports that US left behind service …

(1 days ago) A statement released by Kirby stated that the military was unable to rescue the additional animals from Kabul before the final US plane left the Kabul airfield on Monday. Working dogs are not considered US military dogs, but many were used by the military in activities in Afghanistan. The @JoeBiden Administration must get abandoned working dogs


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American Service Dogs Left In Afghanistan: All What You Need To …

(4 days ago) Meanwhile, the Pentagon is saying that the United States did not leave any service dogs behind in Afghanistan after a photo of animals left in cages went viral. Instead, the Secretary for Defense for Public Affairs, John Kirby said the pictures were of animals “under the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, not dog under our care”.


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Fact Check: Pentagon shuts down service dogs left in Afghanistan …

(4 days ago) A spokesperson for the US military has had to shut down rumours that service dogs were left behind in Afghanistan when the military pulled out of Kabul. An animal rights group shared a statement


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DOD fires back over accusations of military service dogs being left …

(7 days ago) The Department of Defense (DOD) has denied that the U.S. left behind military service dogs in Afghanistan after the claim went viral across social media this week. In countless tweets on Monday, a


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How many U.S. military service dogs were left in Afghanistan?

(8 days ago) Viral service dog images spread on social media. Animal lovers have expressed concern after reports and images led them to believe that service dogs were being left in


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War Hero Dogs Left Languishing in Kennels By U.S. Army After …

(6 days ago) The inspector general launched an investigation after service personnel raised concerns that the canine war heroes—that served in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2014—were being largely neglected.


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Fact check: No, the U.S. did not leave service dogs in Afghanistan

(Just Now) A photo making the rounds on social media has sparked false claims that the U.S. left military service dogs in Kabul amid the military pullout.


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The Pentagon says no U.S. service dogs were left in Afghanistan, …

(3 days ago) The Pentagon says no U.S. service dogs were left in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t really explain things Posted at 11:23 am on August 31, 2021 by Greg P. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


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Pentagon debunks reports claiming US abandoned dozens of …

(8 days ago) The Pentagon shot down reports Tuesday that the U.S. military had abandoned dozens of military service dogs in Kabul while conducting …


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Pentagon denies, criticizes viral reports that US left service dogs in

(8 days ago) September 1, 2021, 8:18 AM · 5 min read. WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is disputing claims that it did not evacuate all dogs that worked with the United States during operations in Afghanistan after viral images and reports to the contrary. In the closing days of America's longest war, conservative activists, politicians and animal lovers raised


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Viral reports that US left service dogs in Afghanistan

(9 days ago) September 14, 2021. Pentagon denies, criticizes viral reports that US left service dogs in Afghanistan. Matthew Brown. USA TODAY. WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is disputing claims that it did not evacuate all dogs that worked with the United States during operations in Afghanistan after viral images and reports to the contrary.


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Were US service dogs left behind in Afghanistan?

(2 days ago) THE last plane carrying Americans from Afghanistan departed on August 30, officially putting the final nail in the US’ longest war. The last C-17 took off at 3.29pm ET, hours before President…


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U.S. Military Dogs Being Evacuated From Afghanistan

(2 days ago) Two images of American military dogs being evacuated from Afghanistan on August 15 2021 spread virally on social media the following day amid ongoing coverage of events in Afghanistan. The images were captured by Stars and Stripes’ correspondent in Afghanistan (Wellman), originally shared by him on the morning of August 16 2021 and captioned


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Pentagon denies reports military dogs were left in Afghanistan

(7 days ago) The Pentagon is denying reports that it left U.S. military service K-9s in Afghanistan after its Monday withdrawal from the country. Photos posted to social media over the weekend appeared to show


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Service Dogs Left Behind In Afghanistan Airport Do Not Belong To …

(2 days ago) Buzz Staff. After netizens appealed to the US administration to rescue their service dogs left behind in Afghanistan, the Joe Biden government clarified that the animals did not belong to them. Pentagon correspondent Tara Copp shared the US government’s response on Twitter. She wrote: “Here is the response from.


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Pentagon Denies It Left Military Dogs Behind in Afghanistan

(Just Now) Read Next: The Last US Soldier Out of Afghanistan. Kabul Small Animal Rescue was founded by an American, Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, in 2018; the group helped U.S. troops bring home cats and dogs


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US Military Left Service Dogs Behind In Afghanistan - News Asia

(3 days ago) 1542. US Military Left Service Dogs Behind in Afghanistan. An animal rights bunch pummeled the Biden organization after the US military was blamed for leaving its agreement dogs behind in Afghanistan prior to pulling out of Kabul — however, the military hit back, shooting the reports as “incorrect.”. “I’m crushed by reports that the


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Military Working Dogs Evacuated from Afghanistan Amidst Chaos

(8 days ago) Military Working Dogs (MWDs) dogs belonging to members of United States forces are being evacuated from Afghanistan. The MWDs and their handlers waited to be picked up on the tarmac as hundreds of Afghans attempt to flee the Taliban.The MWDs were reported to have been reserved their own seats on flights, with images appearing to show dogs sitting on …


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Pentagon denies 'erroneous reports' that military dogs were …

(9 days ago) The Pentagon denied viral reports that the U.S. military had abandoned dogs in Afghanistan after the end of the evacuation mission on Monday. Many on social media were outraged when several groups claimed that military working dogs were left behind in Afghanistan to be tortured and killed. A photograph purporting to show dogs in kennels at the …


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US Military Dogs Were Not Left In Kabul But Afghan People Were

(6 days ago) The US military didn't leave service dogs behind, but they have left Afghan people. The Pentagon's clarification that US military dogs were not left in Kabul shouldn't put anyone at ease about the


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USA troops leave behind contract working dogs that helped the …

(5 days ago) American Humane, a 150-years old national humanitarian organization, has condemned the US government for leaving 51 contract working dogs behind in Afghanistan. In a statement, Dr Robin R. Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane, stated that he was devastated to learn that the American government left behind US military contract working


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Unbelievable: U.S. Military Left Service Dogs Behind in Afghanistan

(9 days ago) August 31, 2021. in Around the Web. After the last U.S. flight departed from Afghanistan with the remaining service members, military service contract dogs were allegedly left behind, prompting outrage from American Humane, an animal rights group. “I am devastated by reports that the American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving


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